Dream Yoga – Beyond Lucidity

Lucid dreaming is far more than an extreme sport. It’s more than learning to wake up in your dreams so you can fly or experience super powers. Beyond the egoic approach to lucid dreaming dwells an esoteric practice capable of challenging your view of a fixed reality held in place by your beliefs and biases.

Build your Own Community

The Nine Gates vision calls forth a community of individuals living beyond conditioned tendencies. Feeling a well-grounded, supportive community around us has never been more important. Sharing this knowing, Nine Gates brings its Build Your Own Community gift for the Fall 2016 Mystery School. Never offered before. Perhaps never again. Join us!

Tuition for both of you - $3,950, plus room & board.

Bring the power of your direct experience back to your family, friends, larger community supported by each other.

2018 Esoteric School Waiting List

The most esoteric teachings of all, to the student dedicated to being of benefit, become the most practical magic of all, lived in plain view for all to see."

Graduate Information Update Request

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