Dream Yoga – Beyond Lucidity

2017 Thursday, Jul 27th to 2017 Tuesday, Aug 1st

Developing lucidity in dreams is an ancient mystical discipline. It’s a shamanic undertaking, an alchemy of awareness inviting the practitioner into a state of wakefulness that crosses realities and levels of consciousness. Lucid dreaming is the gateway. Beyond lucidity, structures give way to an expressing unified field of potential. Learn to stay awake. Learn to offer your life and death as a gift to the greater awakening at play. Be that kind! Become the Conscious Dreamer.

Together we will:

  • Cultivate a stabilized mindfulness practice essential for lucid dreaming… and living.
  • Learn to navigate the sleep/dream cycle as a tool to develop continuity of awareness across all states of consciousness.
  • Experience seeding your dreams as a shamanic practice for transformation.
  • Become a healer in the dream state – healing your psyche (shadow), karmic patterns of thought and behavior, restoring harmony to your bodies.
  • Explore the bardo of dreaming as a gateway into conscious dying.
  • Wake up in your dreams as a practice for waking up in the bardos after death; consciously participating in the creation of your next life.
  • Explore creating a group dream consciousness for offering healing to the world and all sentient beings.

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