Graduate Programs

The Journey Continues.

Nine Gates Mystery School provides the foundational training for all Post Graduate Programs. Graduate Programs do not constitute a sequential, ongoing curriculum. Rather Graduate Programs create opportunities to deepen spiritual competencies, self-inquiry, and practices for awakening human potential. Like the Mystery School, Post Graduate Programs are experiential, evocative and initiatic.

I want to add healing energy to the world and be the mirror of no-separation. I have no choice now. Everyone is counting on me. Frances, Arlington, TX

If a Graduate Event is not completely filled within 45 days from beginning of the training, spaces are opened to non-graduates. If you have not attended the Mystery School and are interested in an upcoming Post Graduate Program, please contact us.

Graduate Programs

Thursday 07/27 2017 to Tuesday 08/01 2017

Lucid dreaming is far more than an extreme sport. It’s more than learning to wake up in your dreams so you can fly or experience super powers. Beyond the egoic approach to lucid dreaming dwells an esoteric practice capable of challenging your view of a fixed reality held in place by your beliefs and biases.

Friday 06/22 2018 to Tuesday 07/03 2018

In 2012, new ninth gate teachings were introduced in the Mystery School inviting students into a direct, embodied experience of non-dual awareness. Now at Mystery School -- from opening night of the Mystery School through the entire two, 9-day sessions and the important months between Part I and Part II -- practices are seeded into the curriculum to prepare students for a shift in consciousness beyond subject-object orientation, beyond thinking mind into a direct taste of Unitive Awareness. From that view, the new Nine Gates Esoteric School was conceived.

Monday 12/10 2018
Teachers: Normandi Ellis and Deborah Jones

Out of the Womb of Egypt, access to the great mysteries was born. Egyptian priests (al-Khemists) knew the visible and the invisible together constitute nature.