Graduate Trip to Egypt

Normandi Ellis and Deborah Jones
Wednesday 11/28 2018 to Tuesday 12/11 2018

Out of the Womb of Egypt, access to the great mysteries was born. Egyptian priests (al-Khemists) knew the visible and the invisible together constitute nature. They knew the divine plan underlying the world of Time, Space, and Causation could not be relegated to the Macrocosm, but rather must be experienced in the Microcosm through an internalization of spiritual faculties. They knew every man to be Osiris becoming Ra (God), and that the portal of death was a gateway into immortality. Light becoming light — god becoming God — the journey of human!

In December 2015, 18 Mystery School Graduates took the journey of a lifetime through Egypt with Deborah and Normandi Ellis, internationally known writer and authority on Egyptian history, myth, mystery and magic.

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“Where else on this planet earth can I breathe in the "mind blowing" beginning of all spiritual and magical traditions? Where else but Egypt… the place where individually, and we as a society, became conscious of ourselves. Egypt is deeply sacred to every human being capable of witnessing its poignant past and relevance to our present. Each moment of this tour was an adventure beyond my wildest expectation…. the most amazing, momentous, living journey of my life.”

Gail Daehlin, Fall 2010

“I am still under the enchantment of this amazing land of the ancients. I have traveled and deeply experienced the vibrant and alive energies of Egypt. I have walked in the temples where the pharaoh's and the priests have walked. I have been in a circle with my Nine Gates family between the paws of the Sphinx itself! I am in awe and deep gratitude. Deborah's sacred commitment to ceremony coupled with Normandi's knowledge of the land creates a container that awakens each traveler to the ancient energies of Egypt and to that deep still place within.”

Jo Irby, Spring 2012

“Travelling to Egypt with Deborah and Normandi was a mystical, magical journey that exceeded all of my hopes. The jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring moments are too many to mention, but then isn’t that true of Mystery School? We were cared for generously and thoughtfully throughout the trip. The vibrations are still rippling through me; ancient wisdom downloading from the realms in a way that was real and transformative.

Tina Lopes, Spring 2012

In December 2018, Deborah and Normandi invite another intimate group of Graduates into this Egypt Initiation.

Although the trip is currently sold out, if you are interested, please get your name on the waiting list.

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