Esoteric School 2021

Wednesday 07/28 2021 to Sunday 08/08 2021

From opening night of the Mystery School through the entire two, 9-day sessions and the important months between Part I and Part II, practices are seeded into the curriculum to prepare students for a shift in consciousness beyond subject-object orientation, beyond thinking mind into a direct taste of Unitive Awareness. From that view, the Nine Gates Esoteric School was conceived.

The Esoteric School is the second half of a journey of the Fully Incarnated Divine Human with its grounding in what Buddhists call Ground Luminosity. The School begins with stabilizing undivided awareness at Gate Nine. Bringing undivided awareness back down through the chakras facilitates a heightened embodiment… an experienced Truth that we are capable of living awake, we share a responsibility not only for our lives but for the greater life of Life itself, and in both the seen and unseen worlds we shape what we perceive as reality. In the Mystery School, the teachings of Gate One are never left behind. In the Esoteric School, the teachings of awakened awareness will never be left behind. Within this completed dynamic of form-to-formless then formless-into-form, a potent agent of change is awakened within the diamond of our undivided heart. I Am That!

Esoteric School Preparation

  • Completion of the Mystery School is a prerequisite.
  • During the 22 weeks prior to beginning the School, Students, Staff and Teachers participate in advanced training:
    • Weekly practices (written, audio files, journal assignments, call agendas, etc.)
    • Individual daily work
    • Weekly dyad calls
    • Small Group teleconferences, facilitated by Staff members
    • All Group teleconferences with Deborah


Deborah Jones, Teacher and Leader of the School
Andrew Holececk -- Web Site
Tejpal Kaur -- Web Site
Dr. Thom Cavalli -- Web Site

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