Dream Yoga – Beyond Lucidity


Wednesday 07/29 2020 to Monday 08/03 2020

Teachers: Charlie Morley and Deborah Jones

What if a group of individuals, who trained to dream as a collective vibration, could shift the way humans live together on our Earth? We believe in such possibility!

Deborah and Charlie announce this summer’s event as an offering, as a grand experiment believed possible. That individuals who already possess lucid body awareness and skills to create coherent, resonate energy fields can engage in dream yoga in new, potent ways. That individuals who share a desire to serve can learn and practice collective dreaming skills as a gateway into communal awakening and healing. That this group (Graduates of the Mystery School) can seed transformation into the subtle state of dreaming, and together nourish that seed into a new world view, by changing their views of possibility.

Together we will:

  • Cultivate a stabilized mindfulness state essential for dreaming and living awake
  • Learn to navigate the sleep/dream cycle as a tool to develop continuity of awareness across all states of consciousness
  • Engage your lucidbody awareness to shape the dream state.
  • Use foundational dream yoga skills as a springboard into crafting and sharing purposeful group dreaming
  • Explore creating a dream-group-consciousness for offering healing to the world and all sentient beings

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