Graduate Stories: Karen Lytle

An advocate for mind, body, spirit integration as a restorative path to wholeness and health, Karen passionately works for the lessening of human suffering. A tireless visionary, she works to bridge the human desire for wholeness into our medical delivery systems – to instill a holistic approach to well-being and optimal health of both the systems and the human beings they serve. She creates a force for transformation.

Discover how Karen’s life and her unwavering spirit led her to the heart-opening experience of self-love.

Karen Lytle • 2016 • TUCSON, AZ, USA

As a child, Karen grew up quick and fearless. Her independence led her into marriage and creating her own family at a young age. As she continued into adulthood she was met with a dying husband, confusion at what she truly wanted as well as a painful divorce. Karen rose to the challenge of listening to the conflict inside and began seeking pathways to break free of old patterns and find her place in the world. With gratitude for the role Nine Gates played in her transformation, today Karen serves as a facilitator to enable other people in experiencing their own ways to awakening.

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