Graduate Stories: Loren Scott

As a resident of San Francisco, CA, Loren works as an executive manager for a corporate retailer. A co-worker’s life-changing leap of faith, after attending Mystery School, enticed Loren into his own transformative experience of possibility. With more courage required than in any leadership decision, he turned toward a life he had always longed to know. He discovered that life.

Loren reveals his ability to lead consciously, with insight and compassion within executive level work.

Loren Scott • 2016 • SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA

Loren has always been ambitious. Throughout his life, he continued to accomplish many milestones of culturally defined success. This involved a thriving executive career. Yet, as Loren began to explore deep within his inner self, he discovered that many forms of his creative expressions and heartfelt leadership skills were waiting to be unleashed. Through his journey, inclusive of the transformative container of Nine Gates, Loren slowly began to bring these aspects of himself to life, combining love with leadership and deeper connections with family.

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