Graduate Stories: Three Women

Discover how three unique women pursue paths of self- realization, gaining increasing ability to contribute more of themselves in loving service to the world. Although through different expressions such as energetic healing, teaching, and even equine therapy, they share a journey of becoming humbly more.

What is your journey? And what form will your contributions continue to take? Who are you becoming?


Growing up in England, Ann’s family encouraged her innate capabilities towards intellectual pursuits. Her success flourished as she received acclaimed high level degrees and generated impactful work for society. Yet, something was missing for Ann. Her intuition poked at her, indicating a more meaningful life was possible. As she faced her own challenges and resistence from those around her, she learned she didn’t have to separate the world of traditional academia from spiritual heart-led approaches. Her journey exposes a way of integrating these seemingly disparate worlds, ultimately building bridges between science and spirit and gaining respect in the process.


When Tejpal was young, her inner-guidance forewarned that without a radical search for her own soul-deep truth, she could repeat old familial patterns or completely lose her self. Eventually she leapt into an interior journey of great distance and determination -- a journey destined to uncover her greatest gifts. As a teacher and intuitive energy healerleader in kundalini practices, a renowned writer, public speaker, Tejpal invites individuals into their own healing experiences of self realization.


Born a high sensitive, Megan knew she wanted to help ease the pain and suffering of others. Untrained as an empath, she often felt overwhelmed in the midst of other people’s emotional struggles. With training, she learned she could center herself, ground into something deep within, allowing her to remain present within her heightened sensitivity. Today in her clinical work as a nurse practitioner and a teacher, Megan integrates bioenergetics, traditional medicine and her deep, resonate empathy into an integrative approach to healing body, mind and soul.

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