Female - 50s - Media Professional - California

Why did you come to Mystery School: 

The greatest motivation for me to attend Mystery School was a recommendation by a close friend. I had not even heard about Mystery School until that moment. I believe that often those moments happen when you're ready for them. I have been on a long personal spiritual search. Mystery School sounded like what I had been asking for. Additionally, I have hosted a public affairs program on TV for the past 25 years that deals with issues of spirituality, religion, and service. My hunger to expand my knowledge, information and experience about other religious/spiritual traditions has been growing.

How would you describe your Mystery School experience: 

I would describe it as remarkable, shocking, unexpected, profound, expansive, eye-opening, sensitizing, illuminating, uplifting, and even confusing. I loved the sense of community, the honesty in the sharing, and the remarkable way in which Gay and her staff so creatively integrated so many different religious/spiritual beliefs into an almost seamless experience. Mystery School provided a spiritual template upon which I could lay some of my own beliefs and expand them, delve into new beliefs, and enrich my knowledge.

How has your life been affected by Mystery School: 

I see the possibility of reconciliation and support among all faith groups and spiritual traditions in a new way. Mystery School has provided me with stronger sense of purpose in expanding the reach of the TV program I currently host. I also find myself reading more in the field, and seeking more engaging conversations about issues from a spiritual perspective.

Do you have examples of how you use what you learned at Mystery School: 

Professionally, it has made me a better interviewer, searching for a broader spectrum and perspective in what I ask and what I might find as answers. Personally, I am finding that I have more confidence in seeking a greater sense of purpose in my work and rebuilding my life. (My husband died 2-1/2 years ago and it has been a trying time, personally.)

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about Mystery School: 

A classmate called Mystery School "Spiritual Boot Camp." I think it's an apt description. If someone is considering attending I would suggest that they talk directly to people who have attended, seek direct testimonials, in a way...I believe everyone's experience is so personal, and therefore so different, that each soul participates and takes from Mystery School something different.

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