Male - 40s - Writing Instructor - Canada

Why did you come to Mystery School: 

I had been working for 18 years in a non-profit organization working with youth and young adults. I needed a change and a chance to revitalize. One of the teachers I worked with at the non-profit had a connection with Mystery School. This intrigued me. So I decided to take the chance that it could help me with my transition.

How would you describe your Mystery School experience: 

For me, the experience was very expansive, very welcoming. I felt that the way we were led through the process was very honoring of the attendees. Unlike some other programs, I did not feel there was any hidden agenda to try and "fix" people - instead , the egoless quality of the leadership was very appealing to me. This gave me the opportunity to gain some new paradigms for understanding the world I live in. Mystery School was a birthing channel for a new way of living in the world.

How has your life been affected by Mystery School: 

Mystery School emboldened me to take more risks, and it has accelerated my ability to be open to change. Since then, I have launched a new career or passion in the creative arts. I also find that I am more attentive to the present moment and more conscious of where my energy is. Now, I seem to think through new opportunities with my whole being. I am more able to notice where I have energy to give, where my energy is flat, and where I can place myself in the service of others with a whole heart. And, of course, I have a new community of Nine Gates friends who I value.

Do you have examples of how you use what you learned at Mystery School: 

There are a lot of practices that I use on an as-needed basis. Mostly, I use these to wake up my energy and help keep me present. I also have continued some studies from Mystery School connections , and I have been able to return to Mystery School several times to staff. This has been very rewarding and given me the chance to add new dimensions to previous teachings and to better integrate the work.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about Mystery School: 

for anyone who considers themselves to be at a transition point. So often today, society can dull us into thinking we've "been there, done that". Mystery School can help you see well beyond what you know, as well as to see more deeply where you have been. It's a great way to safely create and support healthy parameters for living in a bigger world.

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