Karen Lytle

An advocate for mind, body, spirit integration as a restorative path to wholeness and health, Karen passionately works for the lessening of human suffering. This passion, supported by life experiences and skills acquired as Controller of a private venture-capital firm, empower her capacity to unite the human desire for wholeness with financial stability, thus creating a force of potential transformation.

As a Founding Trustee of The Wellness Community of Central Indiana (an organization dedicated to helping individuals and families impacted by cancer), she provided financial guidance and high-spirited advocacy for the program’s mission. In 2013, she received their “Women of Wellness” Award in recognition of her devoted service.

In the Fall of 2011, Karen graduated from Nine Gates Mystery School. "I've lived a full, exciting life and I appreciate the many steps taken before I came to Nine Gates. But I had no clue how much my life would change; how great it would feel to live with an enhanced level of awareness. There is no turning around once the door of "Living Awake" is opened."

Now devoted to helping individuals discover Nine Gates, Karen’s advocacy includes leading fundraising activities to secure enrollment in the Mystery School. Each year she staffs the School and mentors both new staff members and students. In addition, her vision of integrated mind, body, spirit calls her to build collaborative relationships between Nine Gates and our country's healthcare and wellness programs, more specifically with the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine.

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