Greg Provo

Greg Provo is a 2003 Graduate of NIne Gates and the Founder and CEO of Strategy Café, Inc.

Strategy Café was founded by Greg in 2003 so that he could merge his small business and Fortune 500 background into an innovative and energetic company that helps businesses across the globe leverage technology to their advantage. As a founding member of Capital One’s Technology Team serving as their European CTO as well as a small business owner himself, he has wrangled both huge and modest technology and teams. Greg bridges the gap between the IT specialist and the C-level manager that many businesses are missing or can’t afford to hire full-time.

To help companies that don’t have access to a full time CTO, Greg created the CTO-for-Hire service which gives businesses flexible access to strategic and operational leadership without overextending their resources. This affectionately titled “Strategic Geek-for-Hire” service allows companies to have a technology and team specialist work with them individually to create customized solutions that meet their needs. Businesses who use this service get the analysis, experienced advice, and informed choices that come from someone who has experience building businesses from soup to nuts – in both the Fortune 500 and small business realm.

It’s uncommon to find a people-person like Greg in the IT sector. But at his heart, Greg loves helping people find solutions – whether that solution is a personnel or technology solution doesn’t matter. His experience and passion are equally divided.

Greg wants his clients to feel empowered, rather than encumbered, by technology. He does this by helping his clients shift the technological balance of power - translating techno-jargon into real human language they can understand so that it is transparent to them what their system does and how it works. Knowing this can give businesses the confidence they need to maximize their resources and create more value within their company.

With a BA in History from North Carolina State, an MBA and Certification in Brand Management from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Masters Certificate in Information Technology Project Management from The George Washington University and a Certificate in Managing Individual and Organizational Change from the Darden School at the University of Virginia, Greg has done his fair share of the academic circuit. But Greg’s background as an actor, writer and musician means that the neurons in both the left and right brain are firing – at all times. The pragmatism his education has afforded him allows him to make rational and logical analysis and decisions for his clients, while his creative background works to come up with new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. This combination is unique in the technology leadership field and is what sets Greg apart.

Greg’s love of education and belief that new ideas and insights are not to be kept to oneself means he doesn’t hoard his knowledge and frequently addresses university classes and other groups on marketing, technology and entrepreneurship. Some of the topics he’s spoken on include “How Systems Affect Your Brand,” “Systems Thinking,” and “Business Architecture.” Greg is also an adjunct professor teaching Technology Innovation and systems assessment consulting at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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