Shannon, Los Angeles, CA

I have waited 34 years for these 10 days. The daily pain, anxiety, sense of not being where I was supposed to be on an hourly basis - was worth every second if that incessant drive for something more led me to Nine Gates. 34 years of pain was worth one minute of freedom in my self.

When I arrived at Nine Gates I took a walk before the first session. I wanted to walk through some trees to see the river. Living in constant fear with each step during my life I considered that there was a wasp nest just ahead and I really couldn't see behind the bushes where I was going. My whole being relaxed as I walked forward and my eyes filled with tears and I realized with a smile and a sigh that if I died at this moment I would be at peace with that because this is exactly where I am supposed to be- I had made it. I had made it.

That was before we entered the temple for the first time and that sense of walking down my path only deepened as the week went on. Thank- you for existing. Thank you for calling me to Nine Gates. Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for offering all of us our life.

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