Baba Harihar Ramji (Babaji)

Hindu Tradition

Babaji is a Sadhu, a teacher and Hindu holy man. He is the founder of Sonoma Ashram in Northern California and Bal Ashram in Varanasi, India. Babaji is a descendant from the ancient mystical lineage of Avadhuts in Northern India.

I had never been instantly and so powerfully changed by the presence of another human being before sitting with Babaji in the that first session. I now know what Presence means.
Gina, Claremont, CA

Unlike most babas, as a young man he lived and worked as a business owner in the United States. Those years of experience uniquely allow Babaji to be a bridge between our Western world and his Hindu lineage. Because of his experiences he can bridge the teachings into our lives rather than talking to us about our lives. Drawing on the timeless wisdom of his Hindu tradition and his own direct life experiences, Babaji presents to you practical ways to live a life of surrender and devotion…an expression of bhakti in action.

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