Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault

Esoteric Christian Tradition

Cynthia is an internationally known author, speaker, and teacher. She’s an advocate for Christianity to be known, and directly experienced, as a high-heart passage of Awakening rather than a dogma dulling one into compliance.

Cynthia has a magical way of making Christ and his teachings more approachable, benevolent, more radical and beautiful in his humanness of Divine made flesh…. the hope of reconciliation with a beautiful belief system that for many has been hijacked from its simple, pure message of love and compassion.
Lori, Edina, MN

She has devoted her life (often putting her traditional Christian reputation on the line) to the expression of her deepest truth…to bring into light the True Nature of the Jesus teachings. As an Episcopal priest, she ignites the passion meant to be alive within the hearts of our churches. Willing to stand apart from the crowd, she’s a shining light of hope for the revival of Jesus as a non-dual master, resurrected within the heart of humanity. She will teach you the Alchemy of Letting Go as a gateway into your own Divine Truth.

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