Sobonfu Some


Before Sobonfu was born, she spoke from her mother’s belly telling the Village Elders her purpose. That purpose is to bring ritual and the teachings of community to the West. As a young woman not yet speaking English, she arrived in the United States. From the moment her feet hit our soil, the teachings were infused in this part of the Earth.

Her ability to joyfully lead us through our grief into freedom allowed me to fully accept all the pieces of who I am. My joy and grief are beautiful.
Gina, Claremont, CA

An author, speaker and teacher all over the world, she lives her spoken purpose. Known for her capacity for truth (which resides in the belly of us all), Sobonfu dances and laughs and encourages us all to revive our communal heart, releasing our socialized need for independence. She reminds us that through the heart and support of a community we grow beyond the small idea of self into our own purpose.

On January 14, 2017 our Sister in Spirit dropped her physical body, riding the drum beat of life eternal into the invisible. In the African tradition, memories are stored in the bones. Therefore inside each Graduate, and within the bones of Nine Gates, Sobonfu Some lives on.

Deborah taught with Sobonfu for 18 years and is initiated in the African healing arts and rituals. As Sisters, they worked side by side and over the years what was said by one at Mystery School was said by both. Sobonfu does live on in the teachings.

We dedicate the 2017 Mystery Schools to Sobonfu's ongoing work in the spirit world. She will never stop giving of herSelf to humanity. We miss her and honor her through our ongoing commitment to belly-centered truth and the restoration of community in a world torn apart by individualized sight.

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