Way of the Leopard

John Lockley with Deborah
Thursday 12/10 2020 to Tuesday 12/15 2020
Tuesday 12/15 2020

The angst of our world seems to be reaching epic proportions… succumbing to chaos and disharmony. The crisis is one of soul loss with the cure residing in the “heart of the matter” (the returning to our humanity, thus returning to our true self). The teachings of Africa speak about the heart, blood, and bones... reconnecting us to nature and our ancestors. Our healing! ~John Lockley

John is excited to be invited into our Graduate community. And I’m excited to be working with him designing an event that will meet us right where we are – within our deep commitment to nature, our appreciation for the Earth and her dreaming, our direct experiences of embodiment, and our desire to participate in exploring and restoring the African teachings that we forgot… and that with our remembrance can restore our connection to humanity and our place its evolution. ~Deborah

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